Decoded: Jay-Z in Conversation with Cornel West [Full Video]

Jay discussed his new book "Decoded" with Dr. Cornel West at the New York Public Library yesterday. Why am I posting this? Well, they briefly talked about Lupe who was also in the building (click on 'Watch Full Program' & check it at the 45:07 mark)

I met Lupe 10 years ago and I thought he was an extraordinary writer from there, I executive produced his first album...some of the things he's said are just mind boggling, if you sit down and really listen to some of the things this young man has said, you just can't believe it. - Jay on Lu

Shouts to RTNY


  1. Cornel West is a true OG in every possible way

  2. the whole thing is pretty interesting

  3. I THINK Jay Z is JIVE. That nigga seem like he just making up ingenuous ass answers because he is in the company of people talking about real issues. He is not any more genuine or has more integrity than most of these fake ass rappers today. Although some of his rap may have been on personal experiences, he still praises and glorifies the superficial nonsense, like i.e GUCCI mane, waka flocka, lil wayne and tons others to some extent.... He's is nothing more than a capitalist trying to promote, market and advertise a book, and not create real positive change. Jay z is FAKE. A sell out and a business man for capitalistic corporations. Lupe is REAL.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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