Audio: Lupe Fiasco interview w/ DJ Hot Sauce

Lupe chopped it up with DJ Hot Sauce on Milwaukee's V110.7 JAMS earlier and besides talking about things like Fiasco Friday and his whole label drama he revealed that 'Stereo Sun' and 'Army Girl' won't be featured on Lasers, Lasers will have around 11 tracks (no bonus tracks) and that he plans to drop 2 albums next year.

Click HERE to listen to the interview!


  1. Weeeeeeaaaakkk.... No Army Girl!?? No Stereo Sun?! Weeeeeaaaakkk.... I'm jigh blown because from what I heard from this 2 songs... WoW!!! Dang... as a fan I'm kinda upset... but oh well... I hope he leaks them or they make another project. Horn Synth gonna be on there?

  2. Stereo Sun >Greatest Song i've herd on lasers thus far.

  3. That interview was amazing. And Lupe, if you check these, you're music has definitely has helped me so that's part of your legacy! I kinda wish there were more than eleven songs but I understand. Hopefully F&L II will be a long album. Lupe if you keep making music you'll keep having more music out, so I don't know why you always say you don't want too much music. I understand the over saturating part, but albums are supposed to be your best work, so go ahead and put more. I understand though. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of Army Girl so oh well. Thought Stereo Sun would be sick but it's alright. Looking forward to that Words song.

    Oh, and Horn Synth are you kidding no that won't be on there.

  4. 11 songs for Lasers

    So Far:

    Beautiful Lasers
    I'm Beaming- I Hate Leakers
    The Show Goes On
    Never Forget You- I Hate Leakers
    Shining Down?- I Hate Leakers
    What You Want?- I Hate Leakers
    Words I Never Said

  5. "Let your brain take a bath...splash!"
    "We done with that fucking swag!"

    haha! That's my extra lines, right there.

  6. WHAT THE FUCK do you mean the reason stereo sun wont be on the album is because of some bitch ass dude in sweden ? Thats your song and I was lookin forward to that one in particular.

  7. Im asking respectfully Lupe even though I got some cuss words in there , but that was my song!!

  8. Wait, so does that mean that there's a CDQ version of Stereo Sun out there somewhere? Anyone know where to find it since it's doesn't look like it's gonna be released on LASERS?

  9. Never mind, I realized that this version was leaked not Lupe's
    ( So it wont be on LASERS cause of that guy.


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