1. LoL why did that still seem like a protest? Not a celebration?

    I mean...shit just can't drop the next day. We don't know the details of why they're releasing in March rather than some other date. Could be Atlantic's doing...could be Lupe's doing. Who the fuck knows?! (unless there was an article/interview about it then i apologize)

    I wish people would stop complaining and just be fucking HAPPY! SHIT!

  2. "You not gone put up with shit, but the perfect shit!"

    LOL LYOR COHEN's inner G came out for a second there....ahahh

  3. he said friend of people in his speech, does that mean hes releasing that soon to thank us the fans for all our hard work??

  4. Yes!
    Lupe said today that Friend of the People is COMING SOON!
    : )

    Lu is soo happy!
    As we all were.
    This day is going down in hip-hop history.

    I'm so proud!


  5. You morons missed it wide! He wouldnt want you to protest! It was a celebration! If you were Lupe fans you would have already known that victory has already been accomplished. Lasers comes out in March and the first single comes out in a couple of weeks

  6. ^^The fans are just letting Atlantic known that even though theyve started to make promises that the pressure is still on and they cant back out now or anytime. It better come March 8th or some even more chaotic shit could go down. Theres power in numbers and were just letting our presence be known! LASERS!

  7. ^^^RIGHT like Lupe said if there wasn't a release date it would of been THOUSANDS out there. Swear to GOD if they fuck us over come Match 8th it's gone be EPIC! Cause we actually had the ability to put on a protest, now that we know we can do it and if they fuck us over it's gonna be even BIGGER.

  8. That girl...grr. THE PERFECT SHIT. Tell it Lyor Cohen.

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  10. "Brought the President out of the White House"... spot on Lupe. Lyor came down from the office, which was nice, but that was a bit of a weak excuse really.


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