Video: Lupe Fiasco's PSA in West Palm Beach

Cuervo Games - Meyer Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL

In between songs Lupe told the crowd in West Palm Beach, FL yesterday that he's not going to profit off of anything that he doesn't believe in. He also said that he's not going to be profiting off of anything at the event yesterday and that he'll donate his entire fee to various charities in the area. - Thumbs Up!


  1. Anyone know what it was that he didn't believe in @ the show to make him say this

  2. ^^^
    im assumin there was alcohol bein sold at the event wit alotta people in the crowd drinkin...

  3. The event was sponsored by Jose Cuervo

    But didn't he know this before hand? Why do the show? (not trying to sound like a dick, just wondering)

  4. People were smoking and drinking, as always.

    I remember at the day two of the Steppin Lasers shows here in NY, one dude next to me literally passed out with beer in hand. Security picked him up and threw him out.

    I'm like, dang...You're enjoying those beers more than Lupe's presence?

    sad soul.



  5. this video is amazing. fuck all the drunks and addicts out there. i almost knocked a kid out at that ny show, he lit up a blunt the length of my hand right next to me.

  6. Wow! This shows you Lupe doesnt stand for no amount of dumb shit... I guess Lu really does believe in avoiding the negativity that comes with it those types of activities ie; drunk driving and alcoholism..he sees the threat they are to society and believes he should do something about it....he was makin a point to play the show AND contrast it with this powerful message =)

    STAND UP LUPE!!!! Way to Go Brotha

  7. They weren't checking ID's. A lot of under age drinking too.

  8. A lot of smoking (weed) and Drinking there. This one guy had a beer in one hand and a blunt in the other. smh.. I think everyone was confused on whether they should clap or not because some people did and some people looked like they didnt know what to do

  9. realest in the game hands down

  10. I respect that, but I can still be a hardcore Lupe fan and like drinking too.

    Proud to like to drink sometimes!

  11. "i don't indulge in the smokin of the marijuana or the drinkin of the liquor." - lu

    i get the same reaction out of this as i did when i was at 2 steppin laser concerts and lupe explained the meaning behind beautiful lasers and all the dopeheads cheered. lupe then had to explain what he meant by "really messed up" and the place went silent, i mean you could hear a church mouse.

    never change lupe, as you said, keep god first homie and keep rollin'


  12. I respect Lu even more for this. I often get funny looks when I tell a group of people that I have not and never will smoke or drink. They look at me like something is wrong with me.

  13. glad to see im not the only one that against smoking and doesn't drink fnf up^ lasers

  14. yeah i dont drink or smoke either lupe ftw

  15. ^^ BMAC, same thing happened at the Detroit Steppin' Laser show. He said 'really fucked up' and people cheer (the dumb people that don't know that Lupe doesn't indulge in any of that shit) then he was like 'no, what I mean is..'

    Ignorance of some people..
    Why you have to drink to the point of drunkenness at a Lupe concert is beyond me, and let alone smoke at all.. dumb. Def. glad to see a good plenty agree.

  16. I always questioned why lupe would hop on a concert knowing that it was sponsored by alcohol.

    the one thing i dont agree with in these comments is the "holier-than-thou" attitude that some lupe fans seem to have (ie calling people dumb for drinking and/or smoking). first its us calling other listeners "dumb" for not understanding lupes music and now we calling people who PAID to see lupe at a show dumb. people are grown and do what they i say "live and let live". Now if we talking about underage drinking and all that, i dont believe in that either. But as fans, we need to end the divisive bullshit that tends to put people off to lupe's message.

    stop it, 5.

  17. @ Eye
    That was so true in every sense of the word

  18. @ EYE

    if you believe in a message and it is divisive, is it not worth standing behind?

    i love the fact that lupe constantly references his faith. the fact that he is man enough to do appeals to me. he doesn't do it to judge. he most certainly is going against the grain and being himself. that's why i listen to lupe.

    now while i realize some posts on this have been negative and judgmental, i feel that it's interesting to have some fans who go against the grain across the board, from future aspirations to personal conduct.

    it's nice to have that fanbase, albeit conceited or judgmental, in the rap world. you may say annoying, but i would call it refreshing.

    after all, we can agree the counter argument "smoke weed/degrade women/use weapons" has been overly vocal throughout the last several decades. as a fourth grade teacher in new orleans, i LOVE when lupe says, "crack is whack and reefer sucks" or when he said in his NY concert "i have never smoked a blunt a day in my life." it's setting a good example, without passing judgments (which, sure, some of the fans have done).

    i don't judge people for what they choose to do. i have too many problems in my own life, and while i'm a devout catholic, i'm not saint peter holding the keys to the gates of heaven, so it's not my bother.


  19. @bmac, first off, peace and love.

    I think that ANY message that one believes in is worth standing behind. And I've never had a problem with going against the grain either. Lupe's message is the amalgamation of both of those concepts.

    What is off-setting to me is the condescending tone that I see from Lupe fans not just from this blog, but throughout many forums (ie allhiphop, hiphopdx, sohh, rapbasement). Some fans seem to think that they are somehow a better, smarter and more efficient human being simply because they listen to Lupe Fiasco. Its ridiculous.

    As a fan, I want to see Lupe's message reach as many people as possible. What ends up happening on these blogs and in these forums is that potential fans see how (for lack of better words) "Saddity" or bourgeois Lupe fans are and it turns them away from the music. Calling people "dumb" or otherwise insulting someone's intelligence isn't part of Lupe's message.

    All I'm really saying is that we need to be conscious of the fact that we all want the best for Lupe's career and we need to unify as opposed to divide.


  20. @eye

    i don't read all those blogs. all i'm talking about is being vocal about an opposition to drugs, alcohol, gang violence, etc. it's not so bad. as for intelligence and whatnot "dumb it down" hints at it, but i hear you.



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