Video: Lupe Fiasco Live in Winston-Salem, NC

Some more footage of Lupe's performance in Winston-Salem, NC - 10/08/2010.

After playing a new track straight from his iPhone, Lupe performs "Superstar" with Ahmad, a 14 year old fan. After that he lets Francisco aka Acirema come up on stage (around the 8:55 mark), who brought a vinyl of Da Pak's "Armpits." Lupe lets the crowd know what it is and then signs it for him.

"I will never forget this, or anyone on this blog. Lupe's music is what keeps everything in my life even. NEVER GIVE UP ON ANY OF YOUR GOALS cause things will come out how you want them to, if you try."

- Francisco |

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  1. LOL the crowd reminds me when I seen him live. One of my favorite moments in life.

    "That's my Baby!" <---epic death. Adorable video.

  2. "Hold up now Don't be throw'n my baby off the stage!"

  3. ACIREMA!!!! That must have been crazy being up on stage with him! Im so proud of took the Armpits vinyl AND got it signed...that some crazy shit! I salute you =P


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