Lupe Fiasco interview w/ World Up

Over Columbus Day weekend, Lupe Fiasco served as a lyrical master to kids participating in World Up’s Living Remix at REDU’s Re:FORM School, a pop-up art exhibit raising awareness for education reform in the United States. In a candid interview, he discusses the inspiration he felt from the kids in our Living Remix workshop, his settlement with Atlantic Records, and the concept behind “LASERS.”

The Living Remix workshop is a live recording session that gives kids the opportunity to create a track from beat to lyrics, and for the Re:FORM School edition we brought NYC students of all ages together to develop a beat with Spazecraft, write lyrics with Lupe Fiasco, and have the track remixed by producers worldwide. Indaba software allowed people on five contents to touch the music, and Maga Bo Skyped in from Brazil to join in our epic global cipher. Here’s a bit of what Lupe had to say, you’ll have to check back for the full-fledged video interview.

Read a part of the interview HERE


  1. He loves us! no homo lol

    So dope that he appreciates what we did over the past three months

  2. This ish is DEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You know what this whole situation w/ Atlantic makes me think...maybe if Lu would've talked about it and exposed Atlantic earlier maybe we'd have an earlier release date?

  4. There is a time for everything... Lu did what he had to do. And he did it when he was supposed to do it.


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