Video: Lupe Fiasco talks Atlantic Reconciliation & Release of 'Lasers'

Over the weekend, the Chicago MC spoke for the first time to MTV News about the release of Lasers and the resolution he and Atlantic reached.

"We just came to a reconciliation, saw both sides of the argument of what was going down, found a midway point that we can all agree on, and we're rolling," Fiasco said. "March 8: Lasers. Single drops in a couple weeks. It is what it is."

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  1. "Shut clean up!" lol I like that....I hope he got some surprises up his sleeve...LUPE!!

  2. i want the album NOW!!!

    "Deal!!! Deal!!! Deal!!! Off Camera Lady"

    2011 Album of the Year!!!

  3. Lupe really needs to play his cards right to get some air time from MTV lmao

  4. I need to get my hands on Lupe I Pod....That's my mission and i will not fail.

  5. ^^^ No don't spoil it.
    LOL at is "Nahhho!"

  6. LOL @ anonymous tryna get lupe too bruh me too


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