Lupe Fiasco Reveals 'Don't Stop' Is Two Years Old

MTV News chopped it up with Lupe a day after the track hit the Web and the Chicago lyricist revealed that "Don't Stop" is a holdover from the early days of CRS.

"We went on the Glow in the Dark tour and it was just kinda like, maybe, maybe not, let's do a record, let's see ... so, 'Don't Stop' is kinda one of the records from that creative process a couple years ago," Lupe said, adding that West's bars may have been updated.

"The song is two years old. I think 'Ye verse might be a little recent but I don't know."Lupe explained the track was created as a way to gauge the direction the trio wanted to take with their sound.

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  1. He sounds so much happier now in these past couple of interviews.

    Good for him, I'm sure it is a relif knowing your hardwork is finally gonna come out

  2. i have a feeling he should've kept that to himself =\ either way, my ears are truly grateful ^.^

  3. Lupe bodied that track.

    Love & Loveee.


  4. While I like us placers much better, there's no reason they cant make a CRS album with both styles

  5. I know right. Lupe is up and happy again. Yay now I'm up and happy.

  6. Wow, if it is 2 years old that just shows how great of a rapper lupe is it seems as the verse he spit, was him talking about the situation that is going on today with him. only 2pac I know posessed this ability to spit like that, which shows you what type of caliber of an artist lupe is. WOW!


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