The Lupe Fiasco Foundation supports feeding programs at New Birth Center

Happy children enjoying a home-cooked meal, thanks to rapper Lupe Fiasco & New Birth Center. - TheVoice

The Lupe Fiasco Foundation is now supporting feeding programs at the New Birth Center in Chicago, IL. You really got to applaud Lupe for all the things he's doing, whether it be raising awareness for worldwide issues or helping out institutions in his hometown of Chicago.


  1. Lupe I applaud you for your foundation...

    But check this out hommie... IF YOU CANT BEAT ATLANTIC, THEN JOIN THEM!!!


  2. ANONYMOUS, SHUT THE HELL UP! ATLANTIC IS ASKING LUPE TO SELL HIS SOUL FOR A LIL BIT OF MONEY. THEY WANT HIM TO CHANGE HIS WHOLE RHYMING STYLE, THE MESSAGE WITHIN HIS LYRICS, AND THEY WANT A PIECE OF EVERYTHING HE PROFITS OFF OF. That's like my employer asking for 25% of the grocerices I've purchase due to the fact I purchase them with the money I've made from my employer, it's B.S.! How about this: Since Atlantic thinks Lupe is so wack! Why don't they just release The LASERS Album and then release Lupe from their label and let him go elsewhere! The simple fact that the fans want the album release and the record company could careless, shows us how much our opinion is valued! "Wars come and go, but Lupe's soldiers remain eternal!" Give'em hell on Fiasco friday!

  3. Guys above me.. both of you shut up. You missed the point of this entire post. It has nothing to do with Lasers or Atlantic.

    It's great that Lupe takes part in things like this, despite his own situation.

  4. Feeding children shows their happiness in their faces. Volunteering to feed them saves a meal a day and help them add nutrition to their body despite almost all of them are malnourished.

    Joseph @ volunteer in kenya


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