Kanye West mentions CRS album @ LA Movie Screening

Kanye screened his upcoming 35 minute film called "Runaway" in L.A. yesterday. Once again he talked to the audience and once again he brought up CRS, just that what he said this time was much more serious.

The Associated Press reports that the producer-turned-rapper said that after "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" - recorded in Hawaii with the likes of Q-Tip, DJ Premier, RZA and Pete Rock - he will release an album of songs with Jay-Z and another with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams under the name Child Rebel Soldiers.


  1. Shit just got extremely real lol

  2. the near future of hip hop continues to look promising with announcements like this!

  3. i'll believe it when i see it =)

  4. and it'll be just what lupe needs cuz it'll get lots of mainstream attention with kanye


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