#FiascoFriday is still going down!

Even though we got a release date for Lupe's "Lasers" and for the first single off the album, there will still be a #FiascoFriday on October 15th. But instead of it being a protest it'll be a celebratory march/event. This counts for both events, the main march in New York and the one in Chicago.

Here are the details for the original protests: New York | Chicago

All times and locations stay the same, the only thing that changes is that you're encouraged to bring picket signs that read the release date of 'Lasers' now.


  1. I was going to be there regardless,
    marching by myself if I needed to.

    I do agree, this should be a victory march, and also a march symbolizing 'doing what's right', and standing up for what we so strongly believed in.

    Our voices will once again be heard.

    Lasers are revolutionary.
    I'm too proud.



  2. To everyone going have a peaceful and celebrated time! I wish I could go but can't but i'm sastified because we finally have a release date.

    Things are starting to look up! But ya'll still have a point to prove to Atlantic so don't forget about that!!!

    Our voice was finally heard!!!!

  3. Not trying to sound grumpy, but now that we finally got the release date, doing a "celebration" march in NY, in front of a buidling sounds so stupid its not funny.

    Protest for the album? Yeah sure, I was going myself, but now that we got what we wanted, come on, im not gonna "celebrate" the release date of an album in public as if we got the release date of the end of world hunger.

    but thats just me though. good luck to yall.

  4. its bigger than just a release of an album! they withhold good music from alot of artists not just atlantic. if we dont band together we are powerless when standing aalone

  5. You're not a Lupe Fan if you won't attend, you do realize we could have had LASERS 2 years ago right? Atlantic will try this again unless we make a statement!!

  6. ^^Lol yall some funyy ass niggas. yall should get out more.

    atlantic only wins from all of this.

  7. i agree celebrating is pretty stupid. y not protest for an earlier release date?

  8. I'm not a fan becuase I won't attend? Bitch I live in muthafucking memphis tennesse and i'm broke. I can't afford to fly out to NY to celebrate with dumbass people like you. Don't tell me i'm not a fan.
    I got every lupe song and I know every word this nigga has ever said. I visit this blog more than sean and luella combined. I come back to this blog about every hour, everyday and I think lupe is the best rapper ever! Living or dead. Don't tell me im not a fan.

  9. Okay y'all calm down. To me I think to celebrate would be I guess the obvious thing to do now that we got what we want. BUT I say to protest too still. Not for Lupe anymore but just conscious hip hop period. Record Labels do that in the industry to a lot of artist who don't fallow 'mainstream' 'commercial' rap or pop music. They're always trying to force someone to crossover and appeal to everyone. Not saying nothings wrong with that, but to literately go 'educational rap is wack' is just stupid to me. Some people can't learn about the world and life through typical books and school. Musicians are a huge influence to our youth and for this imbalance of substance vs. party fun in music to continue is so not right. It's happening to NAS. So when y'all go do fiascofriday, y'all can bump lupe's ish and give promotion and celebrate etc. Of course cause they actually heard us. But also mention that it's more to it than just Lupe and the Lasers album date.

    And another thing, what's wrong with celebrating with music as the common factor. It's basically gonna be like a Lupe concert without lupe performing. I remember being at Lupe concert and meeting all these new cool people I never expected to be friends with simply because we shared our love for Lupe's music. Same thing can happen here so what's wrong with going out to meet other people and celebrate the music y'all love.

  10. im not trying to sound ungrateful here, but i also think we should protest earlier release date. We've been waiting so long for this album and had to claw and scratch to finally get a release date, and when we do its next year.

  11. yo i know this has nothing to do with the post but when do the NY tickets on the 26th of december @ the hammerstein ballroom go on sale???


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