Blu says he'd be down to record a whole All City Chess Club Album

Blu talked a bit about the All City Chess Club in an interview with Vibe Mag :

Vibe: How did you get down with Lupe’s supergroup, All City Chess Club?

Blu: I talked to Lupe on the phone about the crew. He’s the head honcho with All City Chess Club. He really just gave me call on the random one day [laughs]. For some reason, I thought it was Bilal.

But we chopped it up for a while. And a little while later he shot me the “I’m Beaming (Remix)” to get on there. I’m still waiting and wanting to lay some verses with them. I’m definitely down with recording an album.

Click HERE for the whole interview!


  1. Forget about ACCC, lupe should do an album with blu and Jay Elect, =Rap game destroyed!!

    ElectricBluFiasco ftw!!!!

  2. MY BOY BLU!!!! Blu,Lupe/ACCC definately need to do more songs together. If they do a album let blu/exile produce some of the beats.

  3. Its a Blu Fiasco, that would be a good catchphrase or something.


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