Lupe Fiasco - “All The Way Turnt Up” [Freestyle]

**Brand New** Lupe Fiasco - “All The Way Turnt Up” Freestyle

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  1. GUITAR(warning this machine kills fascists)Tuesday, October 27, 2009 at 2:24:00 PM EDT

    hope yall caught the last dragon metaphor this man freestyles over a simple ass beat in makes all these rappers look sillier than there music nice job lu

  2. lyrics please????

    i need to read em, cuz i hate to say it, but lupe sounds weird on south beats, he killed it, but it sounds weird

  3. Lupe's spitting pure fire
    . This and Fire are just ridiculous.

  4. Anyone have a download link?

  5. God damn, Lupe wasn't joking when he said that he is going to wreck shit on a frequent basis.

  6. This shit is siiiick. Ughhhh...that Last Dragon metaphor smh

  7. He's made last dragon metaphors before...

  8. Lu destroyed this. i hated the original song, but Lupe>Travis Porter any day, soo. i hope this is the beginning of the return of mixtape Lupe.

  9. Lupe > Drake & Lil Wayne.

    Mutha-Fuckin' Quote me!!!

  10. 6 or 7 more of these should tie things up nicely...



    mhmmm...FNF UP!!!

  11. ^^^ we support u all the way lu!!

  12. Glad you inserted that Zeitgeist line in there Lu!!
    killed it!


  13. Lupe, you need to rap over some more southern beats. You killed this shit bruh.

    And when are we going to get that first single man?

  14. DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN!!!! This shit is fap-worthy! (pause)

  15. I hope Lupe doesnt continue with this flow and the way he sounds. Not the same lupe, lyrics still dopee!

  16. DAMN! Lu went hard! no homo

    Fahrenheit 1/15 Part IV ...PLEASE!!!!!

  17. Am I the only one who think Lupe's flow sounds like Lil Wayne's in this one? Totally dope though.

  18. yeah he definitely went in on this beat. Definitely a keeper. I will spread the good news haaaa

  19. nice track lupe murdered it. he killed it.

  20. What do we make of Lupe's comment? Sounds like has some crazy shit in store for us.

  21. Lupe isn't playing anymore and that's nice !

  22. "I don't trust America after watching Zeitgeist."

    That gave Lupe 10 more cool points.


    As usual.


  24. if lupe did another mixtape, rap would officially be done he would kill it so hard

  25. ehh lu just sound weird on southern beats i hate em and im from da south and lu should of switched his flow up

  26. microphone check, i make em all bounce
    evry teller and bank of america, make em all count
    u gon need the hoes to add up the amount
    its gonna take to pay me off kepp me out ur house
    they keep me in the zone, so that i dont zone out
    im rich and cold like zone fro
    dorses be like tolo

    walk with me like ol folks
    cross the streets a scones go
    i dont rap i highly rain, cuz my flo is so cold
    i am on my hmm hmm, they r on their uh no
    I AM really in here, they aint real like so glo
    dont cha kno im so shure, them niggas got no glo
    find a master fo u can come back into the dojo

    lupe got his mind right, nigga this is my mic
    and ive come to take it bak like miller high life
    he must be tied tight, back against the wall
    he will throw a ball, like he playin high life
    ill do the regista, u just get em fries right
    i dont trust america, after watch side guys
    take a look at my strips, chest look like a tiger arm
    n im hot as tiger balm fire like a five alarm

    n to set the fire bon, get cha fire fighter on
    i aint worry bout you hoes, i dont even need ta roll
    i turned down ur ex like how you put ur tires on
    once i get these tires on, i buy a bomb n tie it on
    ride just around the entire song, find a line and drive it on
    park it there and let it foil, wait for it the timers on
    u can turn ur hydrants on, i'll just turn my wipers on
    wipe it off and wipe me down, but dont forget about my bomb

  27. ^^wow your lyrics are WRONGGGGG

  28. I'm not 100% percent sure, but here is some corrections I can think of to make to the above lyrics posted.

    -"you gon' need the whole staff to add up the amount"
    -"I'm rich and po like zone 4"
    (referring to Rich Boy and Polow Da Don from the record label Zone 4)
    -"I don't rap I hockey rink cause my flow is so cold."
    -"I am really in here(hair)they aint real like Soul Glow"
    (referring to the fictitious hair product from Coming to America)
    -"I don't trust America after watching Zeitgeist"
    (referring to the America conspiracy film)
    There is more but I've yet to decipher the whole verse yet.

  29. yikes...Lupe...boy...that's all I'ma say.

  30. Farhenheight (sp.?) part IV

    Do it Lu, KNOCK WAYNE'S BUZZ BACK OUT .!!!!!!

  31. He sounds like Chamillionaire lol. All these new tracks have a completely different flow each time, still wrecked the track though.

  32. awesome!!!, crazy how he mentions zeit geist

  33. whats the last dragon refence u guys r talking about? ... anyway i cant wait for thursday

  34. lol sorry people...thnx for the corrections.... im not good with the language the song

  35. Does anyone think that Sean P. was taking a shot @ Lupe on his ‘Kimbo Price’ LP:

    I smoke a doobie with the Rascals
    hardcore boom, no room for Lupe Fiascos
    don’t rhyme for robots, rap for mo’ guap
    my stock rising, so I ride with the 4 cocked

    ………..Im not really sure to be honest.

  36. "Microphone check(cheque), I make em' all bounce"

  37. @anonymous with the sean P question. Not at all, he jus sayin hes a gangster rapper from the old school NYC. He's name dropped lupe b4 in positive light

  38. i wonder if lupe is a cage the elephant fan lol because the part where he says "he must be tied tight, back agianst the wall". cuz if you watched that video hes trying 2 tie up all his demons idk crazy lyrics tho welcome back lu

  39. referin 2 the last dragon metaphor he says dont you kno im so sure(sho as in shonuff bad guy who had shutter shades lmao!!) these niggaz got no glow(all the masters would glo this strange..glow lol tribute to bruce lee) find the master before you can come back to the dojo (leroy green was told by his master to not return until he found the true master) and ya lu has made last dragon metaphors before(delivery mean like leroy green) leroy was called jr. his father was senior and they owned a pizza shop leroy wud deliver pizza also

  40. yooo!!! im startin to decipher this shit.

    i dont even need to roll. i turn down your (ex) like how you put your tires on!!! 1. a tire tool is in the form of an x. 2.i dnt evn need to roll( roll,x) come on and well every one knows the motion in which you change a tire

  41. he spit that on a tagged Vybe beat
    but he killed it lyrically
    good shit lupe

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