Download: The Amajanese Takeover (Mixtape)

It's finally here! This mixtape has been in the works for over 6 months and now we can finally present you: "The Amajanese Takeover"

Thanks to everyone who showed their support, all the artists who are on the tape and everyone who submitted something, without you, this whole project wouldn't have been possible. If you didn't make it this time...I'm sure you'll get another chance...

I have to especially thank the following people: JayBee(for being on the cover), Rhymestyle (for all the work and time he put into this) and Charles Hamilton (for providing the beat for S-Preme and for supporting us).

And now...just scroll down and enjoy!!!


Click Here To Download

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  1. Where is Propayne and the charles hamilton one?

  2. Finally it drops... Can't wait to listen..

    Gonna share my opinion on it after listening to it :)

  3. this mixtape is bullshit, last years was better, only 7 tracks at best on this mixtape are hot

  4. good...

  5. I just went to redownload this mixtape and something I didn't notice before came up. The cover looks like QR code (is it?).

    Also isn't propaYne on this mixtape, I could've sworn that he had a track on here.

  6. can someone please re-upload the mixtape? I downloaded it once but now all the links don't work.


Thanks for the comment - have a nice day !

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