Lupe Fiasco's lupEND Album Will Be A 3 Disc Set !

pic via James Kachan

Like I previously told you, S-Preme is at Lupe's concert
in Chicago right now, and after we found out about
Lupe's live CD/DVD set, some minutes ago,

Lupe just announced that his
"lupEND" album will be a 3-Disc set !

He said:
"It ain't just gonna be one album,
there are going to be 3 ! It'll be a triple CD !"

CRAZY !!! That's like at least 30 tracks, right ?


The 3 discs will be called :



Down Here

and together they'll form "lupE.N.D."

Sounds like a cool concept !

Big props to S-Preme, the anonymous person in the comments
and Illy_Paxson from the hypebeast forums


  1. omg thats so cool WOW staying up till 3 was worth it lol cool.. now I can sleep with a smile

  2. Stayin up this late was defininetly worth it, hopefully he finishes the game, cool and streets story

  3. We just got one more to go.....LupEND! Finish strong!

  4. the names of the discs are out, too

    I saw this over at hypetrak

    1. Everywhere

    2. No where

    3. Down here

    Thus we have: Lup e.n.d.

  5. thanks ^^

    I talked to S-Preme again..and he confirmed it, too !

  6. 3 disc out by dec 09 yeah right more like 2011

  7. Nice way to push back the expected release date Lu. If it were any other rapper I'd be angry but since this is your last album it's cool.

  8. Lupe can do 3 discs in a year. It's only (probably) 10 songs an album. Ciara's doing a 3 disc album as well.

  9. This is honestly incredible I hope a little bit more information leaks tomorrow.....

  10. i knew it!!! :) good thing to see lupe going out with a bang

    damn this is goona be great

  11. yo he was so ill how he said it...he was like

    "my last album is my final album. It will be called L U P E dot N dot D dot. If you're payin attention... stuck his hand into his top hat...he was like if i got my math right, from the great chicago public school aint gonna be one's gonna be 3...albums"

    ILLY...AND there will never be a better was SO sick. He gave a dope moment of silence for J Hud's family, and then got rEALLY DEEP about how we cant be like that in chicago (now the murder capitol) he was like every day we see Barack on TV makin us proud, and then we get on tv and make him ashamed. Cuz got real deep...talkin about how could god give so much talent to a city, but with triumph comes tragedy...WAKE THE FUCK UP, then you know the rest...DayDream

  12. I was at the show tonight... I was also at the opening for Lupe f. the 1500s last Halloween at HOB... He absolutely killed it tonight. Sarah Green, Gemstones, Santos, on point. The live album was filmed tonight and Lu went all out.

    Down Here.
    Ya heard.

    Lupe the Killa!!

  13. Everywhere, Nowhere and Down here

    It sounds like the rich people, the normal people and the 3rd world.

  14. Yo, cheers for sharing that 'Nick W.', Lu just keeps on oozing more and more respect outta me even tho i've got soooo muc hfor dude.

    Big Ups on the update Sean (and S-preme). Been waiting for Lu to come do a tour here in Melbourne,Australia for ages but after skipping us for his 'the cool' tour, there's no way he'll skip us with a MAMMOTH ALBUM like this on the way.

    I don't think the announcement coulda been any better to be honest

  15. ^^ I agree..we'll get a Live DVD and a 3 discs of new music...

    can't get much better

    the only thing that's missing now is some info on the CRS project


  16. 3 more chances for u to hear amajanese on the project right? ahah

  17. yeah...let's not forget about the Amajanese thing !

    and Fallacy Of Rome should be coming soon !

  18. i saw some of the new F.O.R. stuff on some of his crew...ILL

  19. Lupe is gonna amaze people on LupE.N.D

    i feel he is gonna go SO HARD on this album

  20. now the question is if its gonna be a 3 disks together or separate, and how will it affect the release date...

  21. and what's going on with the Coolest music video. Thats something I was REALLY looking forward to, as its close to the best song on the album.

  22. ^^ could be that they'll include that video in the Live DVD...


    I think the last thing about the video that we heard was that they gonna shoot it and that they also do another video...

    after that there have been no further infos.

  23. they're doing an australian tour early next year

  24. I still can't believe it. TOO EFFING INSANE!!!!!!

  25. this albums gonna be INSANE! Lupe is truly one of the best artists out there...I cannot wait!!!

  26. I'm pretty sure there were rumors that The Cool was going to be two discs and that didn't work out... don't get your hopes up...

    still gonna be sick tho


  27. its not a rumor.... this came out of Lupe's mouth...

  28. hey lupe is good i like him. but if you come to my site, you'll catch a 6 part documentary series on JAY Z leading up to his performance.

    im also looking to sell music. im a producer. you could click my name uptop (DAE)

  29. Yo Lupe, if this is your last album, don't stop the mixtape scene..gotta tell you your last mixtape was a lot better than most of the CD's that dropped this year...keep kick'n that dope shit...i'm out in PNW, your music keeps me going!

  30. does anyone know the exact release date for the new album?

  31. I can't wait!!!! Lupe came to my college and preformed and he was ridiculous. Lu is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of losers. I really hope he dosen't actually quit

  32. yeah this would be nice.. the best rapper known to man coming out with a triple..sick....the rap world is shit and lupe is a soul that has escaped from corrput money hungry fucks

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  34. i love lupe. im glad its a 3 set album =]

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  37. Hope he raps about the New World Order.

  38. It's all about Lasers!! Lupe's new album.


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