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"Why Nas Is My Favorite Rapper...(If You Even Care)"
Wed Jul-23-08 10:15 PM by FNF UP UP AND AWAY

While in the midst of listening to "It Was Written" as a teen I was completely unaware of the existence of "Illmatic"...I remember some dudes beating a song in a car that sounded like a Nas song and I asked my homey what was that and he was like "Its from Nas 1st album"...then on a trip to my sisters college I was in her boyfriends dorm room and he had a poster of the "Illmatic" cover and I was like what is that and he was like "that's Nas 1st album" and just so happened he had a copy (he also had a copy of "The Infamous" which is another story altogether...Yeah Prodigy...Mobb Deep played a big part in the evolution of Lupe)...So I puts "Illmatic" inside the CD Walkman, strap on the headphones and proceeded to have my life changed forever...

It became my soundtrack for a time...all day everyday, everywhere...along with "IWW"...time passes..."The Firm" drops, memorized the damn thing and then named myself from it...time faithful day I was at my sisters house and was watching BET don't remember the exact show but probably Rap City...and who do I see sitting on the project steps in the pea-soup green flight suit (I HAD THE JACKET!!!) with the big ass QB chain then cuts to the bathroom with him rapping to himself in the mirror with Premo in the living room on the wheels of steel???...

NEW NAS???...WTF???...yup "Nas Is Like"...consider that memorized, consider that instrumental copped and rocked to at the High School Talent Show..."I Am" drops...heard "Hate Me Now" on WGCI that same night asked Pops (R.I.P.) to take me to Circuit City where I copped the King Tut covered imperfect masterpiece and first heard the odd line that still sticks with me to this day... "Heard Her Body Guard Took Snook To God" - "Small World"...go figure...I love that with it....memorize soundtrack status...but there were songs that just seemed like the booklet there is a picture of the next album..."Nastradamus"...and I patiently begin to wait...time passes...some how, some way a copy of the bootleg of "Nastradamus" gets into my possession and it is a classic..."Belly Button Window" "Poppa Was A Playa" the original "Project Windows" yup...yet another life soundtrack...(I kept it for a long time and eventually gave it to Stacks Bundles (R.I.P.) and he took it back to NY with him and I never saw it again...I was heartbroken)...

when the official version of "Nastradamus" dropped I was super excited when the lead off joint "Life We Chose" blazed though the speakers of my little stereo..."Come Get Me" was ridiculous and a few others but it wasn't sticking like the other albums and some of the heatrocks that were on the bootleg weren't on the official didn't have the life soundtrack effect like the other albums...its wasn't great...I didn't feel it as much..Damn!!! OH NO!!! Was Nas Falling Off?!???!!!???...Damn....I started to question...then something magical happened...The Beef With The BIg Homey!!!!...OHHHH SHHHIIIITTT...I was front row...Jay had just finished "Takeover" and we were some of the first to hear it at Bassline and it was murderous...I was like its over...Nas is finished...Yeah I counted him out...I was like he cant come back from that...I remember the only person in my circle that had faith in Nas was Stacks' Uncle...and he was like watch...just watch...

and sho nuff...a little while later back in night our cell phones exploded with 212, 718, 347 & 646 area codes...New York was on fire!!!...The "Ether" dropped...and Jesus was it a comeback!!!...then one word reigned supreme "STILLMATIC"...with the strings crying and the words "Blood Of A Slave, Heart Of A King" resonating in the X5...YUP!!!...Nas was back!!!...I swayed from the flock but now I was back with a vengeance..."Rewind" "2nd Childhood" "Rule" and the crown jewel "What Goes Around"...soundtrack to my life stuff...then another chink in the armor..."God's Son"...I honestly didn't like it...coming after "Stillmatic" I was like damn...what happened?...(R.I.P. Mrs. Jones...thanx for giving us a light in the darkness via your son)...

I take it on the chin with the knowledge now to never count out Mr. Jones...and he does not let down...he roars back with the double whammy "Street's Disciple"..."U.B.R. The Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim" is all that I needed to be more than impressed...FUCK!!!...excuse my french...then comes the statement that pissed off hip-hop and sent niggaz back to the stu to prove him wrong "Hip-Hop Is Dead" had a few...wasn't glorious...wasn't really moving...but good...damn Nas...I started to question again...I started to doubt..."NIGGER" (yeah I still call it Nigger...Fuck the press!!!)...really???...this nigga is naming his new shit "Nigger"???...hmmm...interesting...publicity stunt?...of course it is...did it work?...hell yeah!...people were was great publicity wise...but the music, the message...would it be that "soundtrack to life", thought provoking, undeniably revolutionary, conceptually impeccable, stunning, invigorating, inspiring, down right send-you-back-to-the-drawing-board quality PIFF!!! that N-A-S is capable of ????????????..................

I avoided buying it...I avoided watching the videos online....I avoided downloading any of the leaked music...I was scared...I put it out of my mind...I refused to participate.......I was afraid it wouldn't be............until today...............and the answer to the longwinded question is......

Yeah Nigguh!!!!


"NIGGER" (Yeah I'm Still Calling It NIGGER) is a masterpiece!!!!....

NAS is spitting like a demon....first time I experienced multiple "wheel-it-backs" a mere 20 seconds into a song in a longtime....

through the up's and the down's N-A-S still holds the crown...well to me anyway...

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  1. Nas is the illest lyricist of our generation. There is nobody out there that can contend to that. Rakim is the blue print, Nas is the best of our time. I think, for him to take the platform that he has and use it to put out such a straiht forward message is commendable to say the least. Esco Let's go

  2. Straight up. Of all the albums to come out in the last 4 to 5 years, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed 4 of them from the very beggining to the very end. And thats Jay's American Gangster, Common's Finding Forever, and Both Lupe Albums. It took a while for me to come full circle on the second Lupe album, but that made it more enjoyable cuz i was able to rock it longer.

    But NaS' NIGGER album, in my opinion is the best Rap album ever crafted. Break it down however you want to, but Homey did his thing. In a time where racial tensions are flaring up again (at leat in the public eye) he brings it to the forefront and lets it be known that the word NIGGER cannot be put to rest as long as we're still being treated like NIGGERS. And he did it with such eloquence that I must say that I'm proud to be BLACK in these times. And I'm even more proud that NaS had the courage to do it in the way that he did.

    I THINK HIS THIRD ALBUM AND LAST (MAYBE) will be his classic !

    peace yall

  4. I like you Lupe, grew up on "It Was Written" before "Illmatic". I just cant get over songs like "I Gave You Power". He has so many great songs that I could make a huge list of my favorites. I always in an argument with myself about who is the better and favorite rapper, Jay-Z or NaS. It seems like everytime one of them has a new CD comin out, then that one is my favorite at the time. But I think I came to a conclusion. Jay-Z is my favorite rapper and NaS is my favorite lyricist. Believe me there is a difference. Also, they are than
    2Pac and Biggie. On the real, all you crab niggaz know the deal.

  5. I totally agree with you lupe and I respect it. Hell my first Nas experience was " If I ruled the world" my mom introduced me to it(R.I.P. Moms). When I got my Hands on Illmatic Oh Man (N.Y. State Of Mind) just the beat sends shivers down my spine cause it has a feeling to it. One of the few songs that makes me feel like I was there. I also Agree I Nastradamus bootleg was better than the release but Death of escobar and even on were heaters. When god son dropped me and him were on the same page it dropped round the time my mom passed so Iw as right there althought one song could have been left off. Now to this Niggas Joint it is on constant rotation. lets go esco.


  7. Damn, this article is the story of my nas fan-hood. I was really nervous about "Nigger" though, i liked HHID alot, but it wasnt a banger. It didnt have the replay value. It kinda showed glimpses every other track but ultimately died silently.

    Lyrically though, HHID was on point, i guess my complaint was that his production wasnt on par with his rhymes for the most part (and his content wasnt exactly ground breaking either). With "Nigger", not only did i get nas performing at/near his peak, i also got some ultra fresh production with live drums and cool pianos. This is some change the game type shit.

    And i swear, i LOVE live drums in hip hop. It hurts me when i have to load up flstudio and put my artificial shit in just to make a beat to spit on, but to hear that live shit just makes my soul glow lol... Cheers to nas not letting his fans down, and especially shining through defjams lack of promotions! And to quote: "Fuck yall, i'll go gold wit it!"

    And oh yeah, r.i.p. my love for chicken and swine

  8. L-Y, NawfWestSide says:
    First off, Nas iz also my favorite emcee, but sorry folk ILLmatic to me and my folk wuz subpar on the production tip, but superior lyrikally, so it wuzn't until IWW that i became all the way down with Esco.
    "I Am" used to be my proclaimed favorite album, but after intense argumentz with the homiez i have no absolute favorite.. yet.

    Nastradaumus, haven't heard it in yearz, and i don't remember likin' it too, too much.

    StiLLmatic, nigga in the H we knew it wuz ovah when niggaz started choppin and screwin' "Ether", my city gave him the stamp of approval, so he wuz the victor in my city and obviously worldwide.

    God's Son wuz actually extremely dope to me and underrated.

    Street's Disciple = sub-par.

    Hip-Hop iz Dead = sub par.

    Nas - Nigger Album = Classic. I've been puttin' the lil' homies on it and niggaz iz feelin' it cuz he speaking truth and my folk sorely need just that.

    BTW - Lupe's last album wuz off the rip. Mayne i wuz completely caught off guard and entranced by The CooL. After hearing duke's underground, it wuz hard for me to fully dig "Food and Liquor" even tho' i copped it off the shelf. But The CooL, masterful, and that'z one-hunned

  9. illmatic= 5mics
    IWW = 4.5 mics
    i am = 3.5 mics
    nastradamus = 3 mics
    stillmatic = 5mics
    god's son = 4 mics
    streets disciple = 4.75 mics
    hhid = 4.5 mics
    nigger = 5mics

  10. Damn Lupe, you have just gone up in my estimation. thats real talk right there, Nas had a similar influence on me so i started to write a bit. been doin it 2 years and its looking good and by the way you got your self a new fan and i beg you to colab with nas on a Made you look/superstar type of joint, you'll have the internet going bananas!!!!!

  11. I been an esco addict since live at the BBq-growing up in queens nas was one of the few things we could say we were proud of, truly proud of, nas has grown wit us and have taken us on a musical trip that most artist hope to ever travel themselves, some low notes but more hi notes and classic albums than most ever dream, untitled is a classic hands down, before stillmatic when i held on to hope that the QB king would once again come back to reign dominance in the rap game, and after it dropped it was blown away and ever since I said what the hell am I doing, my kids need to know about this dude(mind you i dont have kids yet anyway)so I started buying 2 copies of every album ever since stillmatic to document musical history!!!!

  12. It's Hard 2 Say I Love NAS It Was Written Was His Hardest Album 2 Me Until Stillmatic Came Out Then This Album He Just Put Out Is HArd 2 It Seems Like He's Trying 2 Be On Some Revolutionary PAC Type Shit But Jay, NAS, & People Sleep On AZ Pieces Of A Blackman Pick That Up Is Killa 2 But Lyrics Wise He's Up There I Think Its Pac Then Him Then Jay I Feel The Most But Lyrics Wise He Lite 1 Of The Elite If AZ Could Get A Good Producer Behind Him Like Jay Got Or Jay Could Help Him Pull That Emotion Out Of Him Jay-Z & Him Do A Brooklyn Album Or NAS, Jay-Z & AZ Do Like A New Firm Album All U Have 2 Do Is MAke Sure 1 Verse From Each Song Is Killa That Would Be A Greatest Album Of All Time; Yo Lupe See If U Could Put A Bug N Jay Ear The Streets Need That.

  13. iJus Wanna Say Lupe Ur My Role Model Jo...Nas Is My Favorite Rapper And iKno Of The Inspiration And Feelin' U Talk About...Subconsciously iNamed MySelf From WuN Of His Albums.(Rewind-Stillmatic)...U A Real Dude Lupe..And The Cool Is Def. A Off The Meter Tape!

  14. Wow... very impressed with Lupe. I can relate. Nas is the Illest, can't touch him. Undoubtedly, "One Of The Last Real Niggas Alive" Ya herrrrrrrd?!!

  15. Well Lupe, the Underground in India certainly agrees with your last line... "Nas is like" the teacher for all of us still learning. And you too.

  16. Life is good is classic too

  17. Life is good is classic too


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