(Update) Lupe Fiasco - Somerset House Full Concert Download

Streets On Fire

The Cool

Download Lupe Fiasco's full 90 minutes performance
from the Somerset House, London now !

(not HQ but the best I was able to get with my software)


Low Quality Video


Audio(MP3, Uncut)


The Instrumental
Kick, Push
I Gotcha
He Say, She Say
The Cool
The Coolest
Hi Definition
Hip Hop Saved My Life
Dumb It Down
Go Go Gadget Flow
Streets On Fire
Paris, Tokyo
Outro/Band Appreciation


  1. got back an hour ago..

    he killed it once again, the crowd/the band/Sarah green :D

  2. thanks for picking to upload the video to the best song hes ever done

  3. Hey Sean, I made an HQ rip of the channelbee stream (1.6GB XviD, 35fps - Live).

    If you want I can upload it somewhere for ya and then you can do whatever you like with it.

    So regretting not going to this concert now! Oh well, at least I didn't miss him doing "Little Weapon".
    Sarah Green is fantastic live! I was thinking a few of the songs would be a bit lacklustre without Nikki Jean, but Sarah brings a whole other type of energy to it.


  4. well..dd

    I also took this one from the stream...

    maybe yours has better quality


  5. Ah right, didn't see the torrent you did.

    Well here's a 1 min sample of my rip (Originally the whole concert took up 42GB until I compressed it with XviD down to 1.6GB):

    Lupe Somerset Sample (20MB)

  6. wow....42 gigs..what software do you use?

    This is definitely better quality than the one I did.

    Can you share it somehow?

  7. I used Fraps, and ripped the stream at its original 35fps. A little Windows Vista cheat got Fraps recording off Internet Explorer.

    I can upload this file wherever you want, whatevers convienient. Split it up, etc.
    Rapidshare? Megaupload?
    Rather not torrent it to ya as its harder to pull in case I need to remove it.
    Fast upload speed here, so it won't take too long.

  8. Rapidshare would work best for me

    Would be really cool

  9. On it, I'll email you the links later today. 1.6GB.

  10. is there anyway that you could post the link to the full high quality video on here?

  11. yeah send me a mail.... jeezy44@gmail.com

    and I'll send you the rapidshare links(16)

    I'm not 100% sure though if the audio and video is totally in sync on the hq version

  12. ooh might be right actually.

    I watched the drummer, and occasionally it goes in and out of sync.

    Not gonna be fixable though.

    I can do a re-rip of the stream for ya, and maybe make a 700MB version of the concert instead (for easier downloading).

    Let me know! Don't want the stream to be taken down before I get a chance...

    I initially made an HQ rip because I wanted at least 1 Lupe Conecrt in full, high quality, for keeps.
    Since its rare to get a whole conecrt of his filmed so well.

    Sorry for not checking more thoroughly, I'm usually very careful.

  13. if you could send an email with the links for the HQ rip at andreinastase09 [at] gmail.com i would be truly grateful!

  14. could someone send me the hq video to ArseneIncubus4@gmail.com

    please and thank you


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