Exclusive Interview With Antoine Bandele

You probably wonder..who's Antoine Bandele?

He's the guy who directed a fan video for Lupe's "And He Gets The Girl".

He was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about the video and his inspiration.
Check out what he has to say!

lupend-blog: What's your name and where are you from?
Antoine: Antoine Bandele and I'm from Los Angeles, California

lupend-blog: What hat are you doing? Like what's your Occupation?
Antoine: I'm a senior in high school and plan to attend college next fall. But I aspire to be a filmmaker.

lupend-blog: That brings us straight to the next question, you just recently filmed a video for Lupe Fiasco's track "And He Gets The Girl". Why did you choose that song?

Antoine: Well, last year I attempted to shoot "He Say She Say" but that project fell through. I didn't have much control over that project. It wasn't mine. I was helping out. We were thinking about revisiting that song but we were beat to it. If you look on YouTube there is already a fan-made "He Say, She Say" that was almost exactly what we would have then done, then my friend showed me some of Lupes mixtapes, one of them being "Da Exam" which is where you can find "And He Gets The Girl" and I was so drown to it
! It had a great story! Immediately after listening to it I told my friend that she had to be the girl and we would make this video! So, up until recently, we finally did. But it took a while to get it done because I was busy with another film I was doing called "Whoopi vs. SilentBat II"

lupend-blog: It seems like you are really into that whole film making thing. What are some of your favorite movies recently?

Antoine: City of God, (recently) Order of the Phoenix, I really like what David Yates did with it. Empire Strikes Back. Love & Basketball. Boys in the Hood. Akeelah and the Bee. Amelie. That enough? Haha? I like a lot. But I still have to see so many.

lupend-blog: That's a nice list. But back to the video. I was able to see the rough cut of it. And I wonder how much time and money went into creating it?

Antoine: In terms of money. None. the only thing I paid for, I would say, were the miniDV tapes. I was able to get a lot of donations. Like the glasses the Nerd wears, the cooler was donated, the oncology book came from a library that I just returned this Monday. In terms of time. A lot. I think I made the script in February and we started filming in March. I wanted to be done in March but we hit a few obstacles and spring break came and we just finished filming last Friday. So all in all, in terms of time. It took about two months.

promo pic

lupend-blog: That's quite a lot of time and effort. You must be really passionated about it. The video will most likely be featured on my blog...if you let me feature it. How do you feel of the big possibility that Lupe will actually see it? Does that make you nervous?

Antoine: That's so funny that you said that because my video production teacher watched it today and she asked if I would send it in to him. And I was like, "That never crossed my mind." But that would be really really cool and I think, after it is done, I'm going to mail it to him. But yes, it's really daunting to think he would watch it. I really love him as an artist. He's the best thing, to me, to happen to Hip Hop in a bit. I usually don't listen to much Hip Hop but he really got me into it.

lupend-blog: That's great.It's good to see how many people appreciate his work. Next question: There are a lot of fan videos out there on youtube and stuff. What is it that makes your video stand out?

Antoine: Because, I think, it actually looks like an authentic music video. Most fan made stuff, especially the stuff I've seen for "And He Gets The Girl" are stuff like animations or slide shows or this one thing I saw on YouTube where the whole scene was played out by "The Sims". Aside from that one "He Say She Say" music video I saw, the rest of the videos aren't really attempts at authentic music videos, in my opinion.

lupend-blog: That's true. In my opinion your video is definitely one of the top 3 fan videos. Maybe even the best I've seen so far. What do you think...when will the people out there be able to see that video?

Antoine: Thank you very much! I appreciate that a lot! Well I plan to do a trailer for it by next week. I remember seeing a small trailer for Maroon 5's music video for "Wake Up Call" and they just took a single shot from the video and then left it at a cliffhanger so I'm going to bite off of what they did and make it a "single-shot" trailer. The whole video should be out at the end of April but the trailer will give the official release date.

lupend-blog: Alright I really look forward to that. I'm pretty much finished with my questions. Do you wanna say a last thing. Like some shout-outs or something?

Antoine: Shout out to my filmmaking buddy Ashten "Whoopi" Winger (whom I'm doing Whoopi vs. SilentBat II with). I really admire and love that guy! I know he'll have my back always and vice versa. Check out his blog at whoopthis.com and for updates on "Antoine Bandele's And He Gets The Girl" check antoinebandele.blogspot.com or come back to the LupEND blog! Also, love you momz and popz. And in light of Lupe. Peace and much love to ya.Oh and thank you very much for interviewing me of course.

lupend-blog: No, I have to thank you for taking the time to do this interview exclusively for lupefiasco-lupend.com. All the best to you.

well...check back for the video soon and visit Antoine's blog

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  2. Wow that kid sounds great! I can't wait to see his video!

  3. Wow you did a GREAT job...so talented "you get it from yo' Mama!" LOL. Keep up the good work and I hope Lupe sees this.


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